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About Serious Accident Lawyers

Serious Accident Lawyers is a firm that specialises in catastrophic injury claims. We deal with all types of serious accidents such as Brain Injury and Spinal Injury where our clients are often left with life changing injuries. We don’t compromise when it comes to client care and client expectations.

We deal with high value claims and the solicitors who will deal with your claim have already secured millions of pounds for clients.

Our approach and service is very much client led. Our job is to maximise your compensation and take the stress out of the claims process, enabling our clients to focus on rehabilitation and getting back to living their lives.

We have resources and experience to ensure that our clients receive specialist rehabilitation in order to maximise their recovery. We have an established network of experts and contacts to help clients through the very difficult process of getting their lives back on track.

We provide financial assistance and emotional support every step of the way through the claim process. The majority of our clients receive six and seven figure settlements and this can be quite daunting. Our support and advice does not end when a claim ends and we assist our clients by ensuring that the compensation they receive is invested wisely so that they have a secure future by setting up Personal Injury Trusts.

Given that our clients have very serious injuries we ensure that all our clients are seen at their home at their convenience. In order to ensure that you receive the best possible level of care and service you will be given the personal number for your dedicated lawyer. Your lawyer will also be able to see you on weekdays, week evenings and even on weekends.

At Serious Accident Lawyers we understand that your life has been turned upside down and this is why we ensure that we are there for them whenever they need to speak to us.

It goes without say that we build very strong relationships with or clients and the vast majority maintain contact and stay in touch long after a claim has settled. Click here to see what our lawyers have achieved for our clients.

If you have been seriously injured or would like some general advice and would like one of our dedicated lawyers to speak to you then please call or click here to make a claim…